Altshul is made possible by a series of teams, each one of which is responsible for some part of Altshul’s activities, like davening, set-up/greeting, children’s programming, social action, and life cycle events. In addition to these individual teams, Altshul has a Leadership Team, composed of some of the specific team leaders and other members, which meets regularly to coordinate the calendar, plan community events, manage fiscal issues, and discuss Altshul’s vision and overall well-being.

Meet the Leadership Team

Liora J. Cobin moved to Brooklyn with her Brooklynite husband in 2006 and began attending Altshul upon moving to Park Slope shortly thereafter. She is committed to a joyous and meaningful Jewish life and has been grateful to Altshul for providing her and her family with a supportive and enriching community. She brings to the leadership team an intergenerational focus, dedication to study and a passion for picnics in Prospect Park.

Noa Heyman brings her love of Altshul and connection to Congregation Beth Elohim to her role as the Altshul-CBE liason. In this role she coordinates all levels of Altshul’s relationship with CBE, from the basic (like confirming which spaces Altshul uses at CBE) to the more esoteric (what does it mean for an independent minyan to have a home within an established synagogue?). If you have a question about any aspect of this relationship, please email info@altshul.org and Noa will respond with an email or a phone call. When not facilitating this relationship, Noa works as a clinical psychologist with individuals and couples in private practice in Brooklyn Heights.

Sharon Jacker moved to Brooklyn from Chicago in 2007 to work for the New York City Department of Education in operations for new small schools. Because her love of logistics carries from the professional to the personal, she is also on the Gabbai team, where she helps assign roles for reading Torah, Haftarah, and leading Shabbat morning services.  She was also a founding team member for the Altshul Intergenerational Beit Midrash, and is interested in bringing educational programing to the community. When she’s not on e-mail or making a spreadsheet, Sharon is probably taking in a Latin American novel or film in the original Spanish or Portuguese, pretending that milk chocolate is healthy, or planning a trip for her family (also using spreadsheets!).

Shoshana Cooper found her way to Brooklyn in 1986 after living in Israel for four years.  She has been involved in the Brooklyn liberal Jewish Community since that time and starting attending Altshul about eight years ago.  In addition to coordinating the drash (short sermon), Shoshana is looking forward to finding new ways to support the Altshul community.  In her professional life, she is responsible for emergency contingency and special event planning for MTA New York City Transit.  When she has free time, Shoshana can be found in her home studio creating vibrant abstract acrylic paintings on paper and plexiglas.

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