In 2012, Altshul transitioned to a new leadership structure: instead of having a steering committee for longer-term planning and Shamashim for day-to-day functions, we now have a series of teams, each one of which is responsible for some part of Altshul’s activities, like davening, social action, and life cycle events.

Leadership Team

In addition to the individual teams above, Altshul has a leadership team, composed of some of the team leaders, that meets a few times a year to coordinate the calendar, plan community meetings and check in on Altshul’s overall well-being.

More About Altshul’s Leadership

We rolled out our leadership structure with a D’var Torah on June 9th, 2012. Read the D’var Torah here for more information about why we chose to change the way Altshul runs. Or find more information about the individual teams.

Meet the Leadership Team


Alex Goldenberg


Nadine Kochavi is a very happy Brooklynite who enjoys everything the borough has to offer, especially running down eastern parkway and allowing her to explore as many dive bars to her heart’s content. Her professional role at USCJ as a Transformation Specialist, allows her to travel around the country where she trains synagogue leaders in leadership development and strategic thinking.  She is looking forward to using her professional skills and her personal passion to helping Altshul grow from strength to strength in the months and years to come.



Rachel Geballe is Altshul’s liaison to Congregation Beth Elohim (as well as a CBE Board member). She coordinates all levels of Altshul’s relationship with CBE, from the basic (like where Altshul should keep its books and supplies?) to the more esoteric (what does it mean for an independent minyan to have a home within an established synagogue?). If you have a question about any aspect of this relationship, please email info@altshul.org and Rachel will respond with an email or a phone call. Rachel is also a member of Altshul’s gabbai team, so you may sometimes find her gabbai-ing at the shulchan or tapping Altshulers for aliyot and other honors. When she’s not working on Altshul-related topics, Rachel is an attorney who represents homeowners who are in foreclosure in state and federal court litigation.


Sam Cohen grew up in Farmington, Maine in a house that used to be a barn, and now (gratefully) lives in Brooklyn. He founded OpenTent, a relationship management technology consulting company, which creates data-driven tools and strategies for community builders. In college at NYU, Sam founded a minyan which was partly inspired by Altshul, and is grateful to have the chance to be a part of this community.



Sharon Jacker moved to Brooklyn from Chicago in 2007 to work for the New York City Department of Education in operations for new small schools. Because her love of logistics carries from the professional to the personal, she is also on the Gabbai team, where she helps assign roles for reading Torah, Haftarah, and leading Shabbat morning services.  She was also a founding team member for the Altshul Intergenerational Beit Midrash, and is interested in bringing educational programing to the community. When she’s not on e-mail or making a spreadsheet, Sharon is probably taking in a Latin American novel or film in the original Spanish or Portuguese, pretending that milk chocolate is healthy, or planning a trip for her family (also using spreadsheets!).

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