Kids Guidelines

As more children and families have joined our community, we have found it important to identify approaches that allow everyone to participate comfortably. The front of the room in which we daven is set aside for families with children, and children are invited to help lead Adon Olam; parents are welcome to join their children. We ask that children not play on the bimah during services because it is distracting for the shliach tzibur and other daveners. We offer age-appropriate services for children on most mornings that Altshul meets; see the Families page for more information.

CBE, Altshul Kids and Parents: Clarification

Altshul always has and always will be a place for families to daven.  We encourage children’s participation in our community and want to work to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

That said, CBE requires children be supervised at all times. Kids attending the ECC, Yachad, Afterschool and CBE’s summer camp are all under adult supervision at all times. So too, Altshul kids need to be supervised at all times.

Where can kids be during Altshul?

  1. Altshul Services!  Altshul children are invited to Altshul! Children are always welcome throughout services in the chapel. We ask that parents keep their children off the bima, and keep noise to a minimum to avoid distraction. Of particular note is to please keep children quiet during the d’var torah and the silent amidah.
  2. The Social Hall.  Social hall for kindershul when there is not a b’mitzvah. When there is a b’mitzvah, another space will be provided. All children need adult supervision during kindershul and afterwards, whether in the Social Hall or in another space. Kids must be kept from touching, moving and/or going behind the partitions.
  3. Room 433, the Altshul “Kindershul Room.”  Room 433 for big kids kindershul (or anything else we collectively want it for). All children need adult supervision, whether it is a hired teacher, or parents (if a teacher is not present), when in Room 433. Kids being dismissed from big kid kindershul should, going forward, be brought back to the Chapel by the teacher, and then parents can decide if kids stay in the Chapel, go to the Lobby by themselves, or are accompanied by a designated and agreed upon adult to the upper gym if available.
  4. The Lobby.  The couches in the lobby, which do not require adult supervision due to the close proximity to the chapel. This is a place for kids to read, play games, and learn together.
  5. The Upper Gym (aka “The Ballroom”). It is ok for our kids to play here
    a) As long as it’s not in use; and
    b) As long as there are adults watching kids.

Would you like to help Altshul create kids programming?  Brainstorm about how to meet the needs of our growing community?  Think about how we to raise the next generation of thoughtful doveners?  We want you involved! Please email for more information.  

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