Altshul is committed to providing meaningful and engaging morning services for the children in our community. Kindershul is a fun, child-centered service that meets on Shabbat morning and holidays. Altshul features two kindershul services: one for young children, and one for elementary school age children. The kindershul services start at the beginning of the Torah service (typically around 11:00).

The younger-kids service is intended for children younger than 5, and consists of parent-led Shabbat songs, tefillot, and a “drash”: a story or activity (sometimes loosely) based on the parasha of the week or holiday. We use A Shabbat Morning Siddur for Young People which follows the standard Shabbat morning service, shortened, simplified and infused with songs and movement for pre-school kids. The service – shomer shabbos friendly, with no instruments – is led by members of the community. Children are accompanied by parents at this service.

The service for elementary-school aged children is led by a professional educator, and is a “drop-off” service without parents present. The service is based around the Shabbat liturgy and features tefillah and activities developed by the leader.

Altshul Parents’ List Serve

Email kids@altshul.org for more information and/or to be added to Altshul’s parents’ list-serve – where you can find out about Altshul kids’ activities and happenings in the community, including holiday activities for Altshul families.


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