Kindershul is a fun child-centered service that meets on shabbat morning and select holidays. The service starts at the beginning of the Torah service (typically around 11:00), and consists of parent-led shabbat songs, tefillot, and a “drash”: a story or activity (sometimes loosely) based on the parasha of the week or upcoming holiday. Many members of the community, those with and without children, take turns leading services.

We use A Shabbat Morning Siddur for Young People which follows the standard Shabbat morning service, shortened, simplified and infused with songs and movement for pre-school kids. We meet up just outside of the “big service” and move together to our meeting location for the week. The service – shomer shabbos friendly, with no instruments – is geared towards ages 2 to 5 with their parents, but all ages are welcome.

Altshul Parents’ List Serve

Email kids@altshul.org for more information and/or to be added to Altshul’s parents’ list-serve – where you can find out about Altshul kids’ activities and happenings in the community, from holiday activities to Sunday morning soccer to Brooklyn Cyclones outings to pre-Rosh Hoshanah apple-picking.

Kindershul Wiki

The Kindershul community has created an online space for sharing experiences leading services for the kids. For more information contact kids@altshul.org.

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