Gabbai Team

The Gabbai Team oversees the logistical aspects of Altshul services, which are all volunteer-run. More specifically, the Gabbai Team finds sh’lichei tzibur (service leaders) and Torah/Haftorah readers, organizes all educational opportunities related to leading services and reading Torah/Haftorah, distributes honors at services, and ensures the smooth and swift progression of services at all times. We are always looking for experienced daveners and leyners, as well as those who would like to become more experienced. If you are interested in learning more about the Gabbai Team or taking on a leadership role in services email the Gabbai Team.


Davening (prayer), varies significantly from community to community, and Altshul recognizes that our services are an amalgamation of many different traditions. Below are a few of the values that inform Altshul’s decisions and which guide the Altshul community more broadly:

– Significance of spirit and song.
– Care for accuracy during davening and Torah/Haftorah reading.
– Importance of services being as accessible and inclusive as possible, recognizing that individuals in our community come from diverse backgrounds.
– The belief that taking on leadership roles in services can lead to a more meaningful connection to Judaism and prayer.


Davening Audio files that review the Shabbat morning davening prepared by Kehilat Hadar.

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