Altshul is thrilled to announce the Altshul Partnership, a new way for Altshulers to support Altshul and our continued growth and flourishing. Please become an Altshul Partner by clicking here.


In thinking about contribution levels, Altshul’s Leadership Team was motivated by two competing concerns. First and foremost, our community has always been, and must remain, a place for anyone who enjoys spirited davening, engaging divrei Torah, warm community, and support for lifecycle events, regardless of ability to pay. For this reason, there is no minimum contribution level to enjoy the benefits of an Altshul partnership. At the same time, we have promised CBE that we will meet a financial target, and those of us who feel compelled to give and have the ability to provide more generous support to the Altshul community are encouraged to do so.

We invite each of you to become a Supporting Partner of Altshul with a donation of $180 for a student, $270 for an individual, or $540 for a family. We also urge you, if possible, to become a Sustaining Partner of Altshul with a donation of $450 for an individual or $900 for a family. Please click here to become an Altshul Partner.


Altshul Partners will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they make Altshul possible! All Altshul Partners, regardless of contribution amount, will be eligible for free high holiday tickets at Altshul for themselves (if an individual) or all members of their household (if a family) with advance registration. Altshul Partners will be welcome to purchase additional tickets for visiting friends and family, and will receive priority for such tickets.


For more than ten years, Altshul has enjoyed a vital relationship with Congregation Beth Elohim. CBE provides a beautiful space and supplies for our davening, welcoming locations for our social events, and crucial administrative support. CBE also has been a gateway to broader community partnerships, through events like Simchat Torah Across Brooklyn, the all-night tikkun on Shavuot, and social action projects. In doing these things, CBE incurs significant expense on behalf our community. To maintain our relationship with CBE going forward, Altshul and CBE have entered into a written agreement that commits Altshul to raising at least $34,000 each year to offset the administrative expenses that CBE incurs for Altshul, and to pay for expenses related to our services and events (such as siddurim, supplies for kiddush, and a professional kindershul leader for elementary-school aged children). Many of you may recall the opportunity to join CBE as “Amit” members. CBE has phased out the “Amit” membership, and we have instead negotiated a new model. The Altshul Partnership allows us to contribute toward Altshul’s financial obligations, and to ensure that we continue to enjoy our physical home and vital programming.


With our new relationship, CBE continues to welcome Altshul participants to become CBE members. In order to enjoy the benefits of CBE membership, such as use of the pool, member discounts, or priority for preschool admission, you will need to join CBE separately. Full CBE members who are part of the Altshul community will continue to receive high holiday tickets at Altshul, but their CBE membership dues will not count toward Altshul’s financial obligation to CBE.

We are excited to begin this new chapter for Altshul, which will assure continuity and a secure future for our community, and are deeply grateful for your support. Please click here to become an Altshul Partner.

* * *


Thank you for contributing to Altshul! We encourage all members of the Altshul community to become Altshul Partners, which is the best way to support our continued growth and flourishing. If you already have become an Altshul Partner and wish to make an additional contribution, or if you wish to make a one-time contribution without becoming an Altshul Partner, click here. If you would prefer to send a contribution by mail, please contact us at for more information.

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