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Legacy of Pittsburgh 

Moving forward, we hope to carry on the legacy of the victims of the horrific anti-Semitic shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh by committing to something that was important to them. They were all committed to coming early for shul to help make a minyan for Psukei DZimra and Shacharit.

We’d like to ensure we have at least 11 people at the start of davening at 10 am for Altshul Shabbat mornings in December and January. This is four Altshul meetings, so that means we need 44 people to commit to getting to shul on time. You don’t have to commit to every Shabbat— please just pick one. In this way, we will be able to come together as a community in a way that we know was important to each of the 11 victims.

To sign up for one of the 44 slots, please click here. Adults and children of all ages are invited to participate in this effort.

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