New at Altshul

Welcome Rabbi Timoner to CBE on Nov. 13-14

CBE extends an invitation to Altshul to celebrate Senior Rabbi Rachel Timoner’s arrival together with the entire CBE community, with a Shabbat of special activities on November 13-14. Events include Friday night CBE services, a conversation about social justice through community organizing, Shabbat meditation, and more! We are thrilled to welcome Rabbi Timoner to the community and look forward to this festive Shabbat! Please see the full listing of events here.

New to Altshul?

Step one: join the weekly email list by clicking here. The weekly email is the best place to find out about what’s happening at Altshul, including shabbat davening, holidays, social events, etc. Step two: come to shul or another event! If you have questions, email

How to Get More Involved – Join a Team!

Altshul is a fully volunteer led minyan and community, and we invite you (yes, you) to get more involved. Every Altshuler helps set up shul at least once a year, but you can also join one of the ritual, management and operations, or community building teams. To sign up for your annual shift, or learn how to get more involved, click here.

Thank You to Rabbi Andy Bachman

On June 13th, we celebrated Rabbi Andy Bachman during his final weeks at Congregation Beth Elohim. Rabbi Bachman has been pivotal in Altshul’s development, and we would never have had a home at Beth Elohim without him. The week’s D’var Torah, written and delivered by Aaron Bisman, celebrates Andy’s many achievements over his time in Brooklyn.

Altshul Membership at Congregation Beth Elohim

Altshul has been meeting at CBE for almost nine years. For the better part of a decade, CBE has provided the Altshul community with space, maintenance staff, and all manner of support.  CBE has never charged Altshul for our use of CBE’s resources, instead inviting us to become a part of CBE’s vibrant and diverse Jewish community.  This kind of support from CBE has made Altshul’s growth and flourishing possible.

Some Altshulers are full members of CBE; in addition, about five years ago, CBE created a lower-cost “Amit” membership structure, to allow individual Altshulers to contribute to support CBE, just as it has supported Altshul. This option will be eliminated in 2015-16, but we are pleased to announce an Altshul membership option with a comparable price for members of our community.

If you are an Altshuler who is currently an Amit member, your membership will be automatically transferred. Otherwise, if you are interested in an Altshul membership, please fill out the membership form. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at

As always, we encourage any Altshul who would like to contribute more and gain the benefits of full CBE membership to join CBE as a full member by filling out the full membership form.

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